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Love (cover)

Book Details

Corrinne Averiss, illus. Kirsti Beautyman. London: Quarto Publishing, hb. 978 0 7112 5545 6, 2020, £8.99, 32pp.
Fiction, picture book, 4-6 years

This enchanting, uplifting book will help young children explore issues of starting school or the anxiety of being away from their families.

The engaging narrative along with the stunning illustrations engage the reader from the start. Tess is surrounded by love and this makes her feel safe. But when she starts school, she is anxious and frightened that the love won’t find her.

Mum explains that love is like a string that attaches people and can stretch as far as it needs to go. Tess experiences what this means and as she does, she sees that everyone has strings attached and that she is creating new strings as she makes new friends.

This beautiful book allows feelings to be discussed in a safe, reassuring way and will be very useful to any parents/teachers/carers who would like to encourage children talk about emotions.
It is a book that everyone should read.


Review by Suzie A.