Fun Stories by Special Kids for Kids

by | Feb 7, 2024 | Book Review, Picture Book

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Fun Stories by Special Kids for Kids

Marione Malimba, illus. Aaron Lee Franklin. London: Marione Malimba, pb, 979 8 70833 918 8, 2021, £10.99, 81pp.

Picture book, 6-10 years.

A compilation of stories for young people, as told by terminally ill and special needs children.

This is a charming collection of stories from special needs and terminally ill children that unites many voices from different communities. While some of the meaning may have been lost in translation, the contributors convey emotive pieces that appeal to other young children. The language and creativity of the contributors are inspiring and show that no matter your circumstances, a little imagination is all that is needed to write an entertaining tale.

Aaron Lee Franklin’s illustrations have a child-like quality which furthers the appeal to a young audience. The bright colours are appealing to other young readers and complement the message of each story without overwhelming the page. Children will relate to the easy-reading stories and connect with the contributors as they gain insight into their many different lives.

This was an interesting and emotional book to read; I can see it inspiring many other children to write their own stories.


Review by Rhiannon Jelley