Summer 2016

Issue 46



  • Oralia Garza de Cortes Books from Unaccompanied Children @ the Border REFORMA’s Children in Crisis Project
  • Carol Thompson, Monica Dobson and Elaine Marriott Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants
  • Elizabeth Laird The only Good Thing about this Place is Peace
  • Christiane Raabe and Claudia Soeffner Hello, Dead Enemy! Picture Books for Peace and Humanity: An exhibition by the International Youth Library in Munich
  • Ann Lazim Books about Refugees and the Experience of Migration
  • June Hopper Swain Seven Kinds of Magic: An Exhibition to Launch the Quentin Black Gallery at The House of Illustration
  • June Hopper Swain Current and Forthcoming Quentin Blake Exhibitions at The House of Illustration
  • Reviews