Summer 2014

Issue 40

Facts rather than Fiction: Information Books


  • Chris Brown Rewarding Information
  • Jennifer Harding Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize 
  • Nicola DaviesFact Rather than Fiction 
  • Zahra Amlani Squelch! Bang! Ooh! The Transformative Potential of Children’s Non-Fiction 
  • M.O. Grenby Persistent Pedestrianism: The ‘Tour Book’ as an Enduring Form of Children’s Instructional Literature 
  • Ruth Thomson Terezin, A Story of the Holocaust – A Non-Fiction Narrative 
  • Mick Manning and Brita Granström Ways of Working and Illustrating Information Books 
  • Jamie-Lee NardoneTemplar Imprint ‘Mapping’ its Way to the Big Picture 
  • Reviews
  • IBBY UK News