ASAHI Reading Promotion Award – Beanstalk

by | Sep 12, 2017 | IBBY NEWS

ASAHI Reading Promotion Award ceremony
The IBBY UK Committee are delighted to nominate BEANSTALK READUP for the ASAHI Reading Promotion Award 2018.

This award is given biannually to a non profit making group or institution whose activities are considered outstanding and making a lasting contribution to book programmes for children and young people.

Beanstalk as been training reading helpers (volunteers) , mostly mature adults, since 1973, placing them into primary schools to work one to one, twice a week, with struggling readers, making a huge difference to these children.

In 2016, BEANSTALK introduced their READUP programme, recognising that some children struggle to relate to and respond to adults.

READUP pairs children with student volunteers closer to their age, from a local secondary school or college, who they can relate to more easily,and has the biggest possible impact in transforming their reading ability. This builds confidence and self esteem in both child and reader, a trusting relationship with the child they support, and the reader sees the difference they make to the child’s life.

“Primary school can be really difficult for some children, and you can be the one who transforms their education. By improving their reading ability and confidence, you can give them the skills they need to succeed in their exams and progress with confidence to secondary school.” Lewis Holmes, a ReadUp volunteer from Robert Clack 6th Form.

The substantial award (US$ 10,000) would support BEANSTALK in expanding into other areas of the country, and raising awareness of this programme.

IBBY wishes BEANSTALK READUP every success in this nomination.