We Are The Supremes

by | Apr 9, 2022 | Book Review, Non-Fiction, Picture Book

We Are The Supremes (cover)

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We Are The Supremes
Zoë Tucker, illus. Salini Perera. London, Wide Eyed Editions, hb, 978 0 7112 6149 5, 2021, £10.99, 32pp.
Picture book, non-fiction, 4-7 years

We Are The Supremes is another book in the Friends Change the World Series by publishers Wide Eyed. This time we focus on the Primettes as they were originally known, later to become The Supremes.
The story develops the notion of achievement through collaboration, mutual support, friendship, cooperation, inclusivity and respect. Flo and Mary build up a strong relationship at school, and whilst auditioning for the girl group “The Primettes”, meet with Diana who adds even more uniqueness to this amazing trio of young ladies. Through fallout, they learn to trust and respect each other’s opinions and work together, each with their own talents, Mary the master of dance, Diana who made all their outfits and Flo who developed their wonderful harmonies. These three young women from the city of Detroit never gave up, believing in their shared dreams in the 1960s segregated America and going on to achieve worldwide fame and become one of the most successful vocal groups in history.
Like the story of The Beatles, this story is beautifully written and illustrated. Zoë Tucker and Salini Perera form a wonderful team to bring the story alive. Again, snippets of dialogue and little comments the Supremes make themselves bring the text alive! Not only did they break so many sales records, but also helped break down the racial barriers of 60’s America, and this is highlighted as an important part of their story as we read it.
This is a fabulous read that could be part of a listen and look activity where the audience reads the book and listen to the music of the Supremes in harmony!

Review by Dr Karenanne Knight