The Perfect Book Launch for Second Book from Taiwanese Author and Illustrator, Fifi Kuo

by | Apr 23, 2019 | Blog

The sunset over the London rooftops from the Boxer Books office.

Beautiful intimate book launch at the Boxer Books office.

As the sun set from Boxer Books incredible office view we came together to celebrate the launch of author and illustrator Fifi Kuo’s second book, The Perfect Sofa.

We were welcomed by the author herself with special postcards and business cards filled with her illustrations. These would naturally be too beautiful to use as conventional postcards and have ended up as artwork in my house. If you’ve seen the illustrations from Kuo’s first book, I Can Fly and now this one, The Perfect Sofa, you would understand why.

Kuo is from Taiwan and originally studied BA Landscape and Architecture design where after she did her MA in Illustration. Her work was picked up immediately after she finished her degree and both her first books were essentially complete even before she’d had a publishing contract.

When asked why she decided to write a book about a Panda and a Penguin, who seem like quite unlikely friends, Kuo replied that she simply saw two black and white creatures who were lonely and looking for a friend. She did not see that they were different in how they looked or that they were from different continents. And it is this beautiful theme that runs through all of Kuo’s books.

A story of acceptance and being happy with the simple things in life. Kuo said she wished her characters had been her friends growing up and after reading her books I think many children’s will feel the same.

Her third book The Big Hug is due soon and a fourth one is in the pipeline. The Big Hug was described by her publisher as the most beautiful children’s book he had ever read as it sends a message to children that it is okay to talk about your feelings.

Kuo could hardly contain her tears as the praise was lathered on her and it is well worth it for creating these wonderful stories and characters. Personally, I love the messages and cannot wait for her upcoming titles.

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