Fans of Russian Literature & Children’s Books Invited to Event at the Free Word Centre

by | Jan 21, 2019 | IBBY NEWS

Contemporary Russian Children’s and Young Adult Literature

With the rise in popularity of YA literature in Russia, we ask three Russian publishing professionals to shine a light on contemporary Russian Children’s and YA books and authors.

At the Next Generation Event hosted by the Free Word Centre, Children’s publisher Ekaterina Kashirskaya (founder of A Walk Through History), YA publisher Satenik Anastasian (Editor-in-Chief of Popcorn Books) and Denis Beznosov (Head of the Cultural Programmes at the Russian State Children’s Library) will discuss what young people are reading in Russia, what they are excited about as publishers and literature professionals, the challenges to publishing, and the influence of international trends.

This event is organised by English PEN and the British Council as part of a ‘Future Culture’ Literature and Publishing Study Visit to the UK.

Visit the event page to find out more on the event and how to attend.