Viviane Schwarz, IBBY UK Honour Book nominee, to participate in peace exhibition

by | Sep 22, 2019 | IBBY NEWS, News

Poster for the “Peace Should be Learned in Childhood” exhibition. 

Catherine Johnson wins Little Rebels’ award for her book about slavery and the UK. The book is an extraordinary achievement, telling a complex and challenging story for a younger age group.

Peace International Illustration exhibition, Teheran 21 Sept.

20 illustrators from the 2018 IBBY Honour list for illustration have been invited to take part in this exhibition and we are delighted that one of these is our UK nominee Viviane Schwarz.

The list of artists who are going to participate in this exhibition are:

  • Nicolas Arispe (Argentina)
  • Matt Ottley (Australia)
  • Francoise Rogier (Belgium)
  • Odilon Moraes (Brazil)
  • Filip Posivac (Czech Republic)
  • Marco Charmorro (Ecuador)
  • Alice Bossut (Ecuador)
  • Laura Merz (Finland)
  • Nazanin Abbasi (Iran)
  • Isidro R. Esquivel (Mexico)
  • Ludwig Volbeda (Netherlands)
  • Anton Lomaev (Russia)
  • Viviane Schwarz (United Kingdom)
  • Lars Horneman (Denmark)
  • Mari Kanstand Johnsen (Norway)
  • Mariachiara Di Giorgio (Italy)
  • Miguel Cerro (Spain)
  • Andreja Peklar (Slovenia)
  • Aušra Kiudulaitė (Lithuania)
  • Linda Ólafsdóttir (Iceland)

Each illustrator has been asked to submit a statement which can show the connection between the illustration and peace and think about these questions:  How can the visitors understand peace though your illustration? How does your illustration give visitors a new meaning of peace? How can your illustration open a new door to a peaceful world? …

Ali Boozari from IBBY Iran writes (on behalf of the Iranian Illustrator’s Society (IIS) and the Children’s Book Council of Iran (IBBY-Iran)

We live in a world filled with violence, inequality and wars against humans, animals and nature. Every single day you can see headlines indicating annihilation of humans, slaughter of animals, and destruction of our irreplaceable environment. Meanwhile, human self-interest seeking and fighting against world not only do not protect us, but also reduces our mental and psychological health, destroys the animals – our living companions on the Earth – and the environment – our habitat. As it seems, the Earth could become an inhabitable place for living creatures in the near future. This is the sad and shameful truth of human story in the 21st century, the same human who in engaged claiming equality and peace for many years.