Our Rights: Stories and Poems About Children’s Rights

by | Oct 12, 2023 | Book Review, Fiction, Illustrated book, Poetry

Our rights (cover)

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Our Rights: Stories and Poems About Children’s Rights
Edited by Jake Hope. London: Otter-Barry Books, hb. 978 1 9130 7421 0, 2023, £12.99, 240pp.
Illustrated book, fiction, poetry, 7-12 years

Our Rights is a wisely curated collection of short stories and poems dedicated to the importance and exploration of human rights, more specifically children’s rights. 

Its informative yet compelling narratives work alongside the black and white illustrations to capture the reader’s attention.

Stories are told from the perspective of a child, which creates a fresh, innovative perspective through which to explore children’s rights. The complex social matter is simplified to be absorbed by children with its approachable and relatable characters. Inclusivity is also shown in terms of culture, nationality, race, and religion. Thus, allowing children from different backgrounds to find themselves reflected onto the book.

Every chapter, whether a poem or a short story, encourages the reader to find their own voice. By giving power to the main characters, the book will inspire readers to find confidence in their young age. One example is Lata and Arul who join forces to stand up against adults and contribute to a school meeting in which they decided on the school mascot.

“Fighting for our rights is not just for politicians, Arul,” she said. “It’s everyone’s duty. Whether we are doctors, or farmers, or just children. If we don’t fight for them, one day we will be left with none.”


Review by Candela Rivero