Lampedusa Camp 2019

by | Jun 9, 2019 | IBBY NEWS

Call for volunteers IBBY Camp LAMPEDUSA
4/10 November 2019

Project “Silent books: from the world to Lampedusa and back”

All IBBY volunteers who would like to help and support us in inventing new ways of using and enjoying books, can take part in the continuing development of the IBBY library in Lampedusa, which was inaugurated on 16 September 2017.

At a time of uncertainty and change and many migration and integration issues in all our countries, the IBBY library in Lampedusa invites all who are interested in using books as tools for change to come together in Lampedusa. We have to learn and understand what new challenges and possibilities can be gained from this experience.

From Monday, 4 to Saturday, 10 November we are going to Lampedusa to work together on how to create a community library that is at the same time international and local; normal and yet extraordinary. We will discuss and understand and learn from each other.

We will be keeping in mind not only Lampedusa, but also every other place that is a frontier, that has a population of children who need to have opportunities opened up for them for their futures.

Every idea is welcome; every suggestion is considered and assessed. The aims of the IBBY Camp are to:
– promote reading in the Lampedusa Library
– find new ways of working with books and displaced children
– teach a way of being ready to learn from a community
– learn everything there is to know about Silent Books
– meet other passionate IBBY/ book people
– understand more about migration in the Mediterranean.

Librarians, students and those who have experience – you are all invited to Lampedusa, together with authors and illustrators also taking part. During this training week we will set up meetings and readings with the children, sharing every experience with everyone who is participating.

The voluntary workers who keep the library open and functioning all year round are waiting for us, as well as all those who discover that the first real place of culture and welcome in their journey across the Mediterranean is the Lampedusa Library.

All those interested in taking part should download Lampedusa camp 2019 and contact Deborah Soria: for further information.