International Awards

Since its founding in 1953, IBBY has grown in the number of awards and projects it supports and in their geographical spread. All these awards and projects share the goal of encouraging quality children’s literature and upholding the right of every child to become a reader.

Hans Christian Andersen Awards

The Hans Christian Andersen Awards are the most prestigious international awards for writing and illustrating for children. They are awarded every two years by IBBY internationally and they are for the whole body of a writer or illustrator’s work rather than any particular book. The winners of the 2016 Awards are author Cao Wenxuan from China and illustrator Rotraut Susanne Berner from Germany.

2018 UK winners were Eiko Kadono from Japan winner of the 2018 Hans Christian Andersen Author Award and Igor Oleynikov from Russia winner of the 2018 Hans Christian Andersen Illustrator Award. 

The recipients of the Awards are decided by an international jury from nominations made by the IBBY national sections.

IBBY UK’s nominations for 2020 are John Agard and Helen Oxenbury.

For more information on the awards and nominees click below:

IBBY-Asahi Reading Promotion Award
The IBBY-Asahi Reading Promotion Award was established in 1986 during the IBBY Congress in Tokyo. The Asahi Shimbun newspaper company sponsors the Award. It is given biennially to two groups or institutions whose outstanding activities are judged to be making a lasting contribution to reading promotion programmes for children and young people.

IBBY-iRead Outstanding Reading Promoter Award
The IBBY-iRead Outstanding Reading Promoter Award has been established by the Shenzhen iRead Foundation and IBBY to encourage a real commitment to the cause of reading promotion in the hope of spreading this dedication to others around the globe.

The IBBY Honour List

The IBBY Honour List is a biennial selection of outstanding, recently published books, honouring writers, illustrators and translators from IBBY member countries. The IBBY Honour List, established in 1956, is one of the most widespread and effective ways of furthering IBBY’s objective of encouraging international understanding through children’s literature. Seven parallel sets of the books circulate around the world at exhibitions during conferences and book fairs – see more about IBBY UK’s touring book collections. Permanent collections of the IBBY Honour List books are kept at the International Youth Library in Munich, the Swiss Institute for Child and Youth Media in Zurich, Bibiana Research Collection in Bratislava, at IBBY in Tokyo and Northwestern University Library at Evanston, Illinois. A book catalogue is produced and translated into different languages.

Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities

Every two years, IBBY invites nominations for its international list of Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities. Nominations are made by IBBY national sections and the final list is selected from these by the IBBY Documentation Centre of Books for Young People with Disabilities which is based in Toronto. Because of its international content, the list is unique in the children’s book world.

The books in the final selection form three collections. One is held at the IBBY Documentation Centre in Toronto and the others are available as travelling collections. An annotated printed catalogue of the final selection is published. Further details and copies of previous lists can be viewed on the IBBY website.

The Silent Books Collection

The Silent Books collection is a collection of children’s books without words, created as a response to the need for books on the Italian island of Lampedusa, the destination for many refugees fleeing North Africa and the Middle East.

Virtual Collections

IBBY has also supports the creation of virtual collections of children’s books:

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