Hello! A Welcoming Story

by | Nov 24, 2021 | Book Review, Fiction, Illustrated book

Hello A Welcoming Story (cover)

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Hello! A Welcoming Story
Gina K. Lewis, illus. María José Campos. NY, City of Light Publishing, pb, 978 1 9525 3628 1, 2021, £13.99, 62pp.
Illustrated book, fiction, 5-7 years

This is a very clever and accessible book providing an excellent route to discuss important issues around acceptance and belonging.

This truly diverse book follows the arrival of five refugee children into a new classroom where they are welcomed by five new classmates. The illustrations and the simple text draw the reader in and allow sensitive topics, such as the violence refugees face in their home countries, to be addressed carefully. The effective use of daily routines, for example clothes and food, is perfect for the intended age group (5-7 years) and helps explore cultural differences and similarities.

The fact that the reader can flip the book and read the story from either the point of view of the child refugees or from the side of their new classmates is an excellent method to promote a real sense of empathy, understanding and inclusion.

The book is available as an e-book but the hard copy with the flip effect does make a difference. It is a colourful and engaging story with a real and vital message of acceptance and embracing diversity. Every school and library need it on their shelves.

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