Summer 2013

Issue 37

Children’s Literature in Ireland


  • Interviewed by Valerie Coghlan Niamh Sharkey, Current Irish Children’s Laureate
  • Siobhán Parkinson Reflections from Ireland’s First Children’s Laureate
  • Valerie Coghlan Complex, Challenging and Staying the Course
  • Robert Dunbar Shortlist for the 2012/2013 Children’s Books Ireland Awards
  • Patrick Ryan ‘All the World’s a Story’: Storytelling and Children’s Books in Ireland
  • Anne Markey ‘Compiled for the Amusement of Good Children; and the Instruction of Such as Wish to Become Good’: The Irish Study, Origins and Archives of Children’s Literature
  • June Hopper Swain The Authentic Voice of Ireland: Children’s Author Patricia Lynch
  • Anna McQuinn Walter Macken Changed My Life! 
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