Spring 2013

Issue 36

Beyond the Book


  • Anne Harding A Member’s Blog Post
  • Kiera Vaclavik The Dress of the Book: Children’s Literature, Fashion and Fancy Dress
  • Gwen Athene Tarbox Just a Figment? Online Participatory Writing Communities and the Future of the Young Adult Novel
  • Michelle Ann Abate The Big Smallness: Niche Market Picture Books and the New Children’s Literature
  • Marta Borges and Sandie Mourão Planeta Tangerina: An Editorial Concept that Pushes Boundaries
  • Lucy Pearson What’s the Problem? Building Teenage Publishing in Britain
  • Maaike Palmier-Claus The Blank Page: The Writing Process and the Creative Dissertation 
  • Dominique Sandis Greek children’s Literature in the Digital Age: An Overview
  • Kirsty Jenkins Enhancing the Experience: Rekindling and Renewing Forgotten Texts
  • Anne Malewski Second to the Right and Straight on till Gallifrey: The Uses of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan in Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who
  • Ciara Gallagher Virtual Worlds and New Literary Interactions in Salman Rushdie’s Luka and the Fire of Life
  • Carey Gibbons Re-imagining the Form of the Book: Su Blackwell’s Book Sculptures
  • Kerenza Ghosh Walking with Wolves: Children’s Responses to the Wolf Tradition in Stories
  • Erica Berry Irving Beyond the ‘Grown-up Child’: The Quality of Childness in Matilda: The Musical
  • Hannah Field Children’s Movables and the Threat of the Mechanical Book
  • Sally Maynard The Impact of Ebooks on Young Children’s Reading Habits 
  • Rebecca R. Butler Literacy and the Non-Verbal Child
  • Robina Pelham Burn The Times Stephen Spender Prize 2012
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