Spring 2012

Issue 33

It Doesn’t Have to Rhyme: Children and Poetry


  • Anne Harding IBBY UK/NCRCL MA Conference: An IBBY Member’s Blog
  • Susan Bassnett Judging Translations
  • Philip Gross Our Place: Off Road to Everywhere as Poetry with Children
  • Sandra A. Agard It Doesn’t Have to Rhyme
  • David A. Whitley Children’s Poetry: Loose Canons and Loose Iambics
  • Kimberly Black Social Protest in Urban Youth Spoken-Word Poetry
  • Joelle Taylor SLAMbassadors UK: A Brave New Word
  • Imogen Church Authenticity of Voice in Poetry by Juvenile Offenders
  • Lucy Andrew Riddles in the Dark: The Role of Poetry in Children’s Fantasy Novels from Alice to Harry Potter 
  • Rebecca R. Butler Imaginative Opportunities in Two Verse Novels
  • Julie Blake Reclaiming the Oral Tradition
  • Mark Carthew Slam Dunk: Performance as a Way of Bringing Children’s Poetry to Life
  • Fiona Collins and Alison Kelly Poetry Journeys: From Child to Student Teacher
  • Jenny Vernon Ten Years of Children’s Poetry: The Southwark Poetry Anthologies
  • Pat Ebhohimen Is Poetry Written by Children really Poetry?
  • Robert Hull Can a Love of Poetry Be Taught?
  • Debbie Pullinger The Hidden Child
  • Emily Roach Dealing with Death: Tough Topics in Poetry for Children
  • Siwan M. Rosser Negotiating Borders: Poetry and the Language of Children
  • Georgie A. Horrell Singing Voices: Caribbean Children’s Poetry in Multicultural Britain
  • Aneesh Barai ‘Children and Cats in the Alley’: T.S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats and its French Translations
  • Robina Pelham Burn The Times Stephen Spender Prizes 2011 
  • Kay Waddilove The Future of Libraries
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