Spring 2010

Issue 27

Going Graphic: Comics and Graphic Novels for Young People


  • Mel Gibson The State of the (Sequential) Art?: Signs of Changing Perceptions of Comics, Manga and Graphic Novels in Britain
  • Paul Gravett From Tintin to Titeuf: Is the Anglophone Market too Tough for French Comics for Children?
  • David Fickling The Short but Continuing Life of The DFC
  • Marcia Williams Out of the Box
  • Janet Evans Raymond Briggs: Blurring the Boundaries among Comics, Graphic Novels, Picture Books and Illustrated Books
  • Bill Boerman-Cornell Graphic Novels in the High-School Classroom
  • Sarah McIntyre Britain’s Comics Explosion
  • Ariel Kahn Reading between the Lines: The Subversion of Authority in Comics and Graphic Novels Written for Young Adults
  • Dora Oronti Richard Felton Outcault and The Yellow Kid
  • Daniel Moreira de Sousa Pinna As Old as Clay
  • Petros Panaou and Frixos Michaelides The Power of Hybrids: Complex and Effective Visual Narratives that Resist Categorisation
  • Stefania Tondo Crossing a Graphic Text with Classics of Children’s Literature: Disney Manga Kingdom Hearts
  • Kimberley Black ‘Remember Me’: An Afrocentric Reading of Pitch Black
  • Rebecca R. Butler Graphic Novels and the Holocaust
  • Erica Gillingham Copulating, Coming Out and Comics: The High School Comic Chronicles of Ariel Schragg
  • Rachel Johnson Is Henty’s History Lost in Graphic Translation? Won by the Sword in 45 pages
  • Vasiliki Labitsi Sequences of Frames by Young Creators: The Impact of Comics in Children’s Artistic Development
  • Malini Roy ‘To Entertain and Educate Young Minds’: Graphic Novels for Children in Indian Publishing
  • Lara Saguisag Strangely Familiar: Shaun Tan’s The Arrival and the Universalised Immigrant Experience
  • Mariana Spanaki Journeys in Time in Graphic Novels from Greece
  • Emma Vieceli Crossing Boundaries
  • Jessica Yates Superhero Comics and Graphic Novels
  • Hilary Young Composing and Performing Masculinities: Of Reading Boys’ Comics c. 1930–1955
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