Spring 2009

Issue 24

Deep into Nature: Ecology, Environment and Children’s Literature


    • Roni Natov Pastoral and Healing
    • Jo Elworthy, Natasha Biebow Children’s Books and the Eden Project
    • Alison Kennedy Publishers Protecting the Environment
    • Peter Hunt, Tessa Strickland, Dawn Casey, Janetta Otter-Barry Panel Discussion
    • Tessa Strickland Deep Ecology and Children’s Literature
    • Michael Foreman Picture Books and the Environment
    • Susan Price Trashing the Past and Trashing the Future
    • Jenny Bavidge Ecocitizens
    • Alice Bell New Ambivalences of ‘Critical’ Children’s Ecology Literature
    • Nick Swarbrick Messages Children’s Literature Gives about the Environment
    • Sophie Mackay Picture Books for Education for Sustainable Development
    • Melanie Newman How deep Is Ecology in Children’s Fiction?
    • William Gray Romanticism, Ecocriticism and Children’s Literature
    • Laurence Talairach-Vielmas Victorian Children’s Literature and the Natural World
    • Malini Roy Mary Shelley’s Maurice
    • Toni Lahtinen Lapland as the Heart of Darkness
    • Katherine E. Russo Belonging to Wilderness in Australian Children’s Literature
    • Stefania Tondo Wonderful Underwater Worlds for Land Children
    • Peter Bramwell Ecology and Shamanism
    • Susan Anderson Challenges to Traditional Literary Landscapes in the Young Adult Fiction of Meg Rosoff
    • Susan Hancock Images of the Child Archetype and of Nature as the ‘Great Mother’
    • Preeyaporn Charoenbutra Natural Settings in Thai Children’s Literature
    • Jenny Kendrick Native Ponies and their Wild Habitats in the Work of Allen W. Seaby
    • Jean Webb A Discussion of Michelle Paver’s Chronicles of Ancient Darkness
    • Zetta Elliott Narrative Possibility and the Urban Environment
    • Ragnhild A. Mørch Nature Children and Oral Storytelling
    • David Whitley Environmental Perspectives on Disney Animation
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