Spring 2008

Issue 21

What do you see?


  • Evelyn Arizpe Marvellous Realities 
  • Jean Webb Aesthetic Hegemony 
  • Magdalena Sikorska The Art of Sven Nordqvist 
  • Lisa Boggis Boyce Vojtěch Kubašta 
  • Mieke K.T. Desmet Monkey King goes Bananas 
  • Joanne Collie & Neal Hoskins ‘Translating’ Visuals 
  • Sandra J. Williams ‘That Wasn’t There a Couple of Minutes Ago’ 
  • Fiona Collins Reading Pictures: Books Set in Africa
  • Dianne Hofmeyr South African Illustration 
  • Peter Cook Go Ask Alice 
  • Stefania Tondo A Wonderland of Pictures to Alice from Italy 
  • Tammy Mielke Inanimate Alice 
  • Vasiliki Labitsi Students as Illustrators 
  • Dora Oronti Cypriot Picture Books 
  • Penni Cotton Visualising Europe 
  • Petros Panaou Sameness and Difference 
  • Elena Xeni Translated Picture Books
  • Nikki Gamble and Ann Lazim Take One Tale
  • Kate Noble Picture Thinking
  • Stella Thebridge Sharing Reading
  • Rebecca R. Butler Depicting the Unthinkable
  • Jennifer Harding (coll) Two Flemish Illustrators
  • Reports
  • Reviews
  • IBBY News
  • Events and Conferences