Spring 2007

Issue 18

Time Everlasting: Representations of Past, Present and Future in Children’s Literature


  • Ann Thwaite Encomium for Philippa Pearce 
  • Morag Styles Pearce Everlasting 
  • Victor Watson Time and Knowledge 
  • Margaret Meek Time … Memory … Tense 
  • Corinne Buckland Meditations on Time 
  • Patrick Ryan Once Upon a Time into Altered States
  • Charles Butler The Henge as Wormhol
  • Nolan Dalrymple Childhood, the North-East and the Past 
  • Clive Barnes Rosemary Sutcliff and the Cowboys 
  • Rebecca R. Butler Children’s Literature and the Holocaust 
  • Rose-May Pham Dinh Anne Frank’s Fictional Heiresses 
  • Maiko Miyoshi Dear Diary Now and Then 
  • Marianna Spanaki Heritage in Greek Children’s Literature
  • Sara Reis da Silva Discourses of History in Portuguese Children’s Literature 
  • Arlene Hsing Metafictive Picture Books 
  • Maija-Liisa Harju Death in Picture Books 
  • Theresa Breslin Locating Leonardo 
  • Linda Buckley-Archer Pandora’s Box 
  • Marilyn Pemberton Mopsa the Fairy 
  • William Gray Time in Pullman, Lewis and Macdonald 
  • Farah Mendlesohn With Meccano to the Stars 
  • Jessica Yates The Near Future in Science Fiction 
  • Alice Bell What Albert Did Next 
  • Reports
  • Reviews
  • IBBY News
  • Conferences, Exhibitions and Events