Spring 2006

Issue 15

No child is an island


  • Gillian Lathey The Translator Revealed
  • Anthea Bell Grounds for Cautious Optimism?
  • Sarah Adams Mind the Gap
  • Isabel Hoving In Praise of Imperfect Translation
  • Márta Minier Hungarian Translations of Harry Potter
  • Margherita Ippolito Beatrix Potter’s Tale
  • Sue Neale Daniel Pennac: The Eye of the Wolf
  • Elena Xeni Children and Young Adults
  • Stefania Tondo Translations of Classics into Neapolita
  • Belén González Cascallana Spanish Translations of Deborah Ellis
  • James Riordan Translating Russian Folk Tales
  • Michal Borodo Turn-of-the-Century Poland
  • Vasiliki Labitsi & Dorothy Bedford Stories for Children
  • Gaby Thomson-Wohlgemuth About Afterwords
  • Maria Venetia Kyritsi Wanda Gág
  • André Muniz de Moura & Renata Junqueira de Souza Brazilian Ugly Duckling 
  • Mieke K.T. Desmet Roadblocks and Broken Bridges
  • Tricia Brown and Teri Sloat Returning Home
  • Abasi Kiyimba The Language of the Neighbour’s Child
  • Robert Ornstein The Teaching Story from Afghanistan
  • Murray Knowles and Dorota Pacek Having it Both Ways
  • Gillian Lathey Translating Sound
  • Annette Goldsmith Found in Translation 
  • Patricia Billings Vocabulary, Pictures… Market? 
  • Neal Hoskins WingedChariot Press
  • Reviews
  • June Hopper Postscript to HCA Conference
  • Other news and notes
  • Conferences