Autumn 2011

Issue 32

Children and Libraries


  • Judith Philo What Libraries Mean to Me
  • John Newman My Early Experiences of Public Libraries
  • Pat Pinsent Libraries in my Life
  • Pupils at Lewisham schools and Pam Dix Children’s Opinions about School Libraries
  • Pam Dix and Pat Pinsent (Re-)Discovering the Library
  • Julie Lewins Litcham High School Library
  • Anne Harding ‘You’ve Changed my Life’: Teenagers, Reading and Libraries
  • Clive Barnes Changes in the Library Service
  • Victoria Thornley Manga Mania in Milton Keynes
  • Report by John Dunne Laureate Poem
  • Reviews
  • Reports
  • Forthcoming Events
  • News
  • IBBY News