IBBY Disability Collection at London South Bank University Conference Education Across the Divide

by | Mar 3, 2019 | Blog

Tactile book activity at Homerton College Cambridge. Photo credit Dr Joe Sutliff Sanders

Display at Brighton University Curriculum Centre

IBBY committee members run two seminars at the conference.

IBBY UK was delighted when London South Bank University invited us to participate in this conference for trainee teachers and other colleagues in the education field.

The IBBY Collection of Books for and about Young People with Disabilities is currently touring in the UK and we arranged for the collection to be on display during the day of the conference. For the three committee members who ran the seminars, Carol Thompson, Becky Butler and Pam Dix, this was the first time we had seen the collection in its entirety and it is a very wonderful and stimulating collection of books. Our table attracted considerable attention during the lunch break in particular

In the afternoon we ran two consecutive seminars during which we introduced the collection and explained the history of the idea. We then allowed attendees to select a book to discuss with the rest of the group. It was fascinating to hear the insights that each participant brought to the discussion.