A Year Full of Celebrations and Festivals

by | Apr 9, 2022 | Book Review, Illustrated book, Non-Fiction

A year full of celebrations and festivals (cover)

Book Details

A Year Full of Celebrations and Festivals
Claire Grace, illus. Christopher Corr. London, Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, hb, 978 0 7112 4542 6, 2021, £12.99, 128pp.
Illustrated book, non-fiction, 6-9 years

This book is one of a series from the ‘A Year Full Of…’ range. It is beautifully and vividly illustrated by Christopher Corr who draws in a folk art style to enhance the inclusive nature of its content written by Claire Grace.

It is full of bright and bold illustrations that use the title celebrations and festivals to explore diversity. They are all there, Fire Festivals, Day of the Dead, Food Festivals, Summer Solstice, Independence Day, Pride, Barunga, Ramadan, May Day, Hanami, Dancing Masks, Ponga. Cleverly, Claire Grace uses the seasons to plan out the year and so the festivals from Spring through Summer, Autumn and Winter into the next New Year. Grace travels around the globe bringing festivals and people together through religion, culture, national holidays, fun and celebration. 
The text is filled with facts and explanations that draw the reader into the festival whilst understanding the knowledge of its development over the years as they travel around the world, where each page provides a vivid and beautiful introduction to celebrations and festivals throughout the globe. A comprehensive glossary at the back of the book provides added information and clarity for anything that the reader does not understand or wants to learn more about.
This beautiful book allows for reading and re-reading time after time, with something new to discover on each adventure.
Review by Dr Karenanne Knight