IBBY UK Bursaries for the Auckland Congress

IBBY UK has once more awarded bursaries to IBBY UK members to support them in attending the International Congress. From a strong field of applicants, the three members that have been selected are Soumi Dey, Xiaofei Shi and Alice Curry.

Soumi Dey is a PhD student at the University of Glasgow. She has worked and studied in India and the UK and has a background in corporate training, academia, publishing and the teaching of English as a foreign or additional language with adults and children. Her research interest is in metafictive and multimodal picturebooks and their role in developing emotional literacy in children. She has submitted a paper proposal to the Congress about her research on the impact of picturebooks on emerging bilingual readers.

Xiaofei Shi is a PhD student in the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge. She is a graduate in English Language and Literature from Peking University and has an MPhil in Children’s Literature from Cambridge. Her research interests are in the “crossover” possibilities of picturebooks, moving not only between child and adult readers but across languages and cultures. Her Congress paper proposal examines how two Chinese picturebooks have been adapted both within China and in English translation.

Alice Curry is a founder and director of Lantana, a new publisher in the UK, whose mission is to publish high quality culturally diverse books for children. She has a PhD in Children’s Literature from Macquarie University and is a former member of IBBY Australia. She has edited a Commonwealth edition of Bookbird and is currently a co-editor of the forthcoming Routledge Companion to International Children’s Literature. Her Congress proposal examines the concept of “glocalisation” – how can a children’s book be both global and local – using three picturebooks published by Lantana as examples.