36th IBBY World Congress, Athens, Greece

IBBY UK Bursary Scheme for Travel

IBBY UK Bursary Scheme for Travel to the 36th IBBY World Congress, 
Athens, Greece, 30 August – 1 September 2018
What is IBBY?

The International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) is an international organisation of people interested in bringing books and children together. Founded in 1953 it is now made up of 75 national sections from across the world. Its main interests are in promoting child literacy, acknowledging excellence in children’s books, and encouraging international understanding. Among its many activities, it awards the prestigious Hans Andersen Awards for writing and illustration for young people.

The IBBY World Congress

The international IBBY Congress is hosted by a different national section every two years. It brings together delegates from across the world, including academics, librarians, teachers, publishers, authors and illustrators, to talk about issues surrounding children’s books. Each Congress addresses a particular theme and the next Congress will meet in Athens in 2018.

The IBBY UK Bursary Scheme

IBBY UK is the British section of IBBY, with its own wide range of activities. Following our highly successful hosting of the 2012 World Congress in London, we established a bursary scheme to aid UK delegates to attend subsequent Congresses. IBBY members have been supported financially to attend the 2014 Congress in Mexico and the 2016 Congress in New Zealand and to share their own ideas and experiences in children’s literature and literacy with IBBY delegates from around the world. One of our bursary holders, Osman Coban from the University of Glasgow, described the experience as “fascinating, nourishing and broadening”: 

“Meeting those experts from different continents, learning about their reading projects, having the chance to follow their activities after the Congress and being able to contact them when needed; and visiting another continent and having the chance to learn about the variety of reading projects there. It’s all added significantly to my personal and professional development.”

UK bursaries for the 36th IBBY World Congress, Athens, 2018

In 2018, IBBY UK will again be supporting two of its members to attend the World Congress in Athens, Greece, 30 August  - 1 September 2018, where the theme is East meets West around Children’s Books and FairyTales: www.ibbycongressathens2018.com/

There are two bursaries available. On this occasion, one is for anyone working towards a degree in creative writing or illustration with a particular interest in writing or illustration for children; and the other is for anyone with an established interest in children’s books and literacy or the work of IBBY. We would particularly welcome applications from translators of children’s books since the Congress includes a section on translation. It is intended that at least one bursary will go to an applicant aged under 35; and special consideration will be given to applicants who are intending to offer to give a paper or poster session at the Congress. These do not have to be academic papers but can be reports on ongoing projects (including writing and illustration) with relevance to the theme of the Congress.  Members of the IBBY UK Committee will be supported separately to attend the Congress.

Previous bursary holders are not eligible to apply but previously unsuccessful applicants are welcome to make new applications.

What support is available for successful applicants?

IBBY UK will pay for: 
  • Registration at the Congress (expected to be about £500)
  • A maximum of £500 to cover flights, accommodation and subsistence. Bursary holders will be expected to share accommodation with other UK delegates for the duration of the Congress.
  • Responsibilities of successful applicants
  • Bursary holders will be expected to: 
  • Attend all plenary sessions of the Congress
  • In cooperation with fellow bursary holders to write at least 3 blog reports on the Congress during your attendance
  • Write an individual report on the Congress for publication on the IBBY UK website and in IBBYLink, the IBBY UK journal
  • Share your experience of the Congress with your professional organisation, place of study or work. 
  • To submit a certificate of attendance at the Congress.

Who can apply?

Residents of the UK and members of IBBY UK in 2017-2018.  Would-be applicants who are not already members are invited to join us. Successful applicants will be expected to renew their membership for 2018-2019. For details of membership go to www.ibby.org.uk/membership

Applicants for the student bursary must be registered on a recognised course of study for a degree in creative writing or in illustration in the U.K. They would be expected to be either enrolled on a postgraduate degree course or students in the later stages of a first degree.

How to apply
  • You should apply by e mail to the Secretary of IBBY UK, Liza Miller, by November 30 2017: lizamiller[at]hotmail.co.uk
  • You should provide contact details, including name, age, postal and e-mail addresses, and telephone number.
  • You must indicate why you need a bursary and show that you have considered other avenues of funding.
  • You must demonstrate an interest in the work of IBBY and the theme of the Congress. 
  • You must submit a personal statement detailing study or experience relevant to your application, giving your reasons for applying, and stating how attendance at the Congress will enhance your work or study. This should describe how attendance at the Congress will have a positive impact on your professional development, the potential positive impact on the institution where you study or the organisation you work for and how you would share learning from the Congress. The statement should be no longer than a single A4 sheet.
  • If you are applying for the student bursary you must supply a reference from your supervisor which should be emailed to the Secretary of IBBY UK either separately or with your application. We may ask for examples of written or illustrated work following your application.
  • If you are intending to offer a paper and/or poster session at the Congress you should give an outline of your proposals on an additional sheet. To be considered by the Congress organisers, you must submit your abstract directly to them for consideration. Details of the submission process at:  www.ibbycongressathens2018.com

How will the bursaries be allocated?
  • Applications will be considered by a sub-committee of the trustees of IBBY UK
  • Applicants may be called for interview
  • It is intended that successful applicants will be notified by the end of February 2018